Friday, 10 April 2009

I’ve got the music in me!

Got to imagine: Real English pub – Bank Holiday Friday – Evening – Everyone very merry because they have been there since lunchtime.

Scene set.

Me: Sober after working all day. Showered. Shaved. Teeth perfectly cleaned. Putty in hair. Aftershave on. (For what reasons I have no idea – just going to Swan in Barbourne, Worcester – not The Ivy!)

Into pub: Pint of cider – not my usual drink I confess, but thirsty. Not many in. No chat. So it’s got to be music!

So: Move past the Pool table, trying not to disturb a cue. Then to the Mecca of music. To be honest I haven’t touched a Jukebox since I requested Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins back in 1979.

Things have changed!

1.You no longer see the discs in a rack before selection.

2. You no longer see said discs being moved from their rack to playing position.

3. If you jump up and down by the devise, nothing skips!

However, everything now is ‘Touchscreen’! What’s that all about?

Before: just push two buttons, ie. A2. 52 choices – well 26 because the ‘B’ sides were pretty ropey. Now the machine has every track available in MP3 format since 1952!

Decisions. Decisions.

Right. After finally mastering the touchscreen, I was in for some seriously playing around. Being a bit of a music buff I set a challenge to my fellow drinking buddies: Who is this?

Classic jukebox confusion playlist:

Whole Of The Moon - Waterboys
Destiny – Zero7
Take Five- Dave Brubeck
This Old Heart Of Mine – Isley Brothers

Talk about a classic moment – they hadn’t got a clue! Much the same as me trying to used this new fangled technology!

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